An Overview

Without heroes and sheroes, we are plain people. Thanks to our Veterans. We don’t know them all but we owe to them - their miseries, their sacrifices, their bravery for serving the country and protecting our freedom!

What is a Veteran?

A veteran is a person who has long experience working in particular field or an occupation. Particularly, a veteran soldier is someone who has served or serving in the armed forces.

Federal laws and military services defines veteran as - ‘Any, Any, Any’...that is, any person serving for any length in any military service branch.


What is people’s attitude towards veterans?

Veteran soldiers mostly receive special treatment due to the sacrifices they make during the war time and free us from any anti-social elements, threats and dangers. They die so that we can live our life peacefully….

Well, different countries show different attitude towards Veterans. Some supports veterans through government programs, others ignore them. War veterans are often respected a lot for their contribution to the world. Veterans of unfamous conflicts may be discriminated against. And, veterans of small conflicts are often forgotten.

In some countries, veterans are neither honoured or they have any dedicated veterans day. In contrast, some countries hold long traditions, ceremonies, and holidays, to honour their veterans.


What are various veteran’s experiences round the world?

Different countries offer different ways to respect and cherish their heroes. Let me explain this through examples from different countries -

In UK, a remembrance day is held every year on november 11th to honour the veterans who died in service to the country.

In Russia, a tradition was formed where married couples visited the military cemetery on the day of their marriage, to show respect and reverence to their mighty soldiers.

Most countries have holidays in form of Veteran day to honour their veterans.

In congo, veterans received compensation during the rule of dictator, but after his overthrow he no longer received any pension.

Britain did little for the veterans during or before the 19th century. During 21st century, it has largest no. of veterans in a major country.


What are various health effects and treatments for the veterans?

The health effects in the armed forces, esp. Combats are profound and most veterans find it difficult to adjust themselves back to normal. Reasons which showed their health decline is - street sleeping, homelessness, breakdown of relationships.

Moreover, military veterans in jail has become twice in five to six years….

Various health disorders are:

  • Suicide
  • PTSD ie Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
  • Mental illness
  • Increased risk of drugs and alcohol consumption

Nevertheless, required help is available to the veterans. If they feel, they can contact or ask for assistance without thinking it as a weakness.

Military life is an unnatural experience. So, anyone, anytime may need debriefing and rehabilitation whether it is psychological, medical or physical.


I know everyone can not become a veteran or join the armed forces. That doesn't mean they can contribute...You can become a veteran if you stand by a veteran. It’s like serving the mother earth. Your ‘this’ contribution can be a lot worthwhile.