Life At A Glance

Transitioning from military life to a civilian life

“I definitely have a lot of freedom in civilian life but I feel some instability at the same time” - Anonymous

The life of veteran soldier opens up completely a new chapter which brings lots of new opportunities and challenges towards him. Many veterans eagerly wait for a quick transition to a civilian life where they have a lot more freedom to spend quality time with friends, and family.

They no longer have to worry about military structures, now. For some, it may raise a lot of questions. You may think:

  1. What can be done in this new phase of life?
  2. Should I find some job?
  3. You may not know where to start
  4. Or, you may lose the discipline of military life and think if you will be able to adjust.

As you(here veteran) make a transition in life,  you may

  1. Feel unstable, nervous, and uncomfortable
  2. Lose the military discipline
  3. Miss the exciting rush of physical challenges
  4. Feel solitude and lonely
  5. Become sad and annoyed
  6. Feeling low

What can be done to successfully face this ‘transition’?

Life keeps on going. Sometimes it is energetic and challenging and other time it is boring and lacking taste. Likewise, transitioning from a military life is a period of adjustment, for some people, it is harder and difficult to come over.

But, ultimately, they need to find their way out. There are some things that can help a veteran soldier to become successful.

  1. Exercise regularly
  2. Eat healthy meals
  3. Get a good sleep more often
  4. Avoid drinking alcohol, taking drugs, or energy simulators
  5. Practice deep breathing
  6. Be patient and accept changes
  7. Stay proactive
  8. Have an adjustable plan of action

Taking next step, by making a connection with,

  1. A religious advisor
  2. A doctor
  3. Vet centers
  4. A therapist or counselor

Life of a veteran soldier is full of challenges, hard-work, hurdles, and miseries. It can be hell on the earth bringing to him lots of pain and sorrows. Wars brings out their best, their worst and their fears. After a transitioning, their life takes a new turn - drastic and unstable….It’s hard to express turmoil deep inside them.