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Soldiers guard their mother earth and they do their job efficiently. They work hard, serve their nation, stay awake 24*7 and sometime die serving.

What is their job?

  • Serving nation
  • Maintaining law and order
  • Obey the authority rules
  • Never say no
  • Never demand for anything

They perform tasks such as personal fitness, physical fitness, fitness of equipments and surrounding. All their hard work and preparation is tested on the border area.

How it affects their stress level?

Life of the soldiers is very demanding, hard, and stressful.

  • They have to deal with both civic and military life at same time
  • The places they get posted in, makes their life a lot more daring and nerve wrecking
  • They serve their country and die while serving. They lose their colleagues, and loved ones. They see much bloodsheds in their life
  • They don’t see their loved ones for months and years

Are they given due respect for such contribution to the world?

Our soldiers die for us and our country and we don’t even recognize them properly.

  • They suffer a lot
  • They die everytime, and everyday
  • They are not given deserving salaries
  • Government only blames, and do nothing

They are the people who should be respected and honoured properly irrespective of their trade, age and ranks.

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