Veteran Benefits

Assured benefits and compensations for our mighty soldiers  

Their is a provision of wide variety of benefits i.e. educational assistance, home loans, healthcare, assisted living, burial and memorial services, for retired personnel, dependents and survivors. Adequate provision is also provided to the disabled veterans soldiers who suffers from medical disorders or injury.

Types of Veteran Benefits

A veteran soldier is entitled to receive benefits if he / she has suffered a physical or mental injury. If he / she has disability that:

  1. Is service related
  2. Injury rated 60% or more
  3. Injury caused mental disorders
  4. Makes veteran unable to obtain an employment

Veteran disability benefits

  1. Disability compensation
  2. Disability claims
  3. Other monetary benefits
  4. Special monthly compensation
  5. Delivery at discharge program

Special veterans benefits

    1. Benefits to assist homeless veterans
    2. Programs for growing female veteran population
    3. If you suffered from the effects of sexual trauma
    4. Specially adapted housing grants
    5. Automobile assistance

Employment and business benefits

  1. Business ownership and expansion for veterans
  2. Unemployment compensation

Veteran Insurance program

  1. Veteran life insurance
  2. Group life insurance
  3. Mortgage life insurance